The Scientific Affairs Division is one of the main divisions at Al-Noor University College, and one of its tasks is to register, follow-up and organize scientific research for the teaching staff at the college in coordination with the concerned scientific departments and the Quality Assurance division at Al-Noor University College. Also, it follows up the publication of applied and academic researches and articles that have been uploaded to the international and local journals and websites.   

  1. Preparing a database for scientific researches submitted by the faculty of Al-Noor University College based on the name of the main researcher and participants in the research, the title of the research and the journal or website on which the research was published (international, local), and the date of publication of the research.
  2. Follow up on the accounts and articles of the faculty of Al-Noor University, which are published on Google Scholar
  3. Providing plagiarism examination and detection service for the research submitted by the faculty’s lecturers through the Turnitin program, and this is done by sending a copy of the research to be submitted for publication in pdf format by the researcher to the Scientific Affairs Division via the division’s e-mail    ([email protected])        . After conducting the plagiarism examination of the research by the Scientific Affairs Division in the Turnitin program, the researcher is provided with a report on the percentage of plagiarism in this research.
  4. Follow up on predatory journals emerging from Scopus containers.
  5. Referring the researches that are officially registered in the Division of Scientific Affairs and published in local and international journals to the Research Support Committee, through which the level of published research is evaluated in order to obtain the payment of financial rewards for researchers, and the payment of publishing fees for published research, according to the regulations

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Al-Noor University College was keen to provide the best services to its teaching, research, administrative and student cadres. Among these services is the plagiarism checking service using the free Turnitin research program, which is located in the Scientific Affairs Division of the college. The investigation is checked by sending the research or study electronically to the e-mail of the Scientific Affairs Division. [email protected]  .

Noting that the examination is carried out only for the research officially recorded in the scientific plan of the college departments .