Al-Noor University College

Al-Noor University College rose on the land of Nineveh in 2013, when it started its first academic year to complete the scene of higher education in this governorate through private academic institutions that carry the message of government colleges and their sobriety, expand the horizons of accepting students and open new opportunities for those wishing to complete their university studies and are not able to be accepted in govenmental education.

The college currently includes a number of scientific departments, some of which are old, dating back to the year of foundation, and others are new, these departments are:

Department of Dentistry (Morning Study)

Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

Department of Law (Morning & Evening Study)

Dept. of Physical Education & Sport Sciences (Morning and Evening Study)

Department of English Language (Morning & Evening Study)

Department of Arabic Language (Morning & Evening Study)

Added Departments:

Department of Pharmacy (Morning Study)

Department of Optical Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

Dept. of Radiology & Sonar Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

Dept. of Dental Industry (Morning & Evening Study)

Department of Anesthesia Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

 Department of Construction Engineering and Project Management 

New Departments:

Department of Petroleum Engineering 

Thus, department ’s number of the college reached 13