General admission qualifications for the academic year (2021/2022) at Al-Noor University College

1. Must have a certificate of Iraqi preparatory studies, or an equivalent certificate credited by the approval of the General Directorate of Education in the governorate, and according to the admission entries for each specialization.
2. To be born in the year 1991 upwards for those applying for morning study, as for those born in the year 1990 downwards, they are entitled to apply for evening studies.
3- Graduates of vocational centers (Al-Mu’tasim Center, Al-Waleed Center, Al-Moataz Center) and professional centers in which the study period is three years and have taken the ministerial exam (baccalaureate) are exclusively entitled to apply to private colleges and universities according to the inputs for each specialty.
4- Should be free to study. It is not permissible to combine a job and study (at the same time) in morning colleges and universities. This includes all government institutions employees and they are required to obtain a study leave from their departments on the basis of the instructions in force. furthermore, it is not permissible to combine two studies as well, if proven otherwise, a warrant is to the Ministry / Department of Private University Education to cancel his acceptance.

5- To pass the medical examination in accordance with the conditions for each study. The blind student (who meets the qualifications) is entitled to apply for the appropriate humanitarian studies.
6- A student accepted in governmental universities and colleges has the right to apply for admission to private universities and colleges according to the electronic form and the principle of differentiation rate and according to the entries and qualifications of application for the year (2021/2022).
7- Students of the Kurdistan Region who are graduates of secondary schools (recognized by the Ministry of Education) can apply for admission to private universities and colleges.

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