In preparation for the participation of talented students in local and national chess tournaments, the Student Center Hall at Al-Noor University College witnessed decisive matches between students in the midst of the Al Noor University Chess Championship, which took place over a period of four hours on the morning of Wednesday, 20/11/2019, in which more than 20 male and seven female students participated.The tournament ended with three male students and three female students winning the first stages, where the student Ahmed Qutaiba from the Pharmacy Department got first place, the student Abdullah Ahmed Abdel Ghani from the Dentistry Department got second place, and the student Abdul Razzaq Tariq got third place.. While student Russel Khattab from the Department of Pharmacy got first place, student Zubaida Qahtan from the Department of Optometry got second place, and student Zainab Abdel Salam from the Department of Dentistry got third place.
At the end of the tournament, Prof. Dr. Zuhair Qasim Al-Khashab, Head of the Physical Education Department at the college, distributed gifts to the winning students in the presence of the department’s teachers and a number of students.