In completing the cooperation programs between Al-Noor University College and higher education institutions, the college signed on Monday morning, corresponding to February 3, 2020, a twinning agreement with Al-Hamdaniya University, which shares the geographical location and is active in serving Iraqi higher education near it. The signing ceremony of the agreement took place in the Council Hall of Al-Noor University College.
Initially, Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, the dean of Al-Noor University College, began by illuminating the significance of the rich scholarly connection between the two parties. He then shed light on Al-Noor University's path in establishment, advancement, and overcoming the hurdles imposed by terrorist groups on the scientific life in Nineveh, presenting Al-Noor College's status through statistics. Following that, Prof. Dr. Aqeel Yahya Al-Arajee, the president of Al-Hamdaniya University, praised the position of Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar and Prof. Dr. Zuhair Al-Khashab for their academic journey towards obtaining their doctorates. He spoke about Al-Hamdaniya University's growth, resilience, and its steadfast commitment to serving the higher education sector. Subsequently, a twinning agreement was signed, and both the university and the college exchanged shields as tokens of their partnership. Participants then embarked on a visit to the college's halls and laboratories from there.
The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by the Council of Al-Hamdaniya University and a number of heads of its scientific departments, as well as the Council of Al-Noor University College.
The event was documented by the media of both institutions.