Members of the teaching family at Al-Noor University College continue to put their scientific contribution at the service of researchers and students, as Dr. Faris Ahmed Al-Dulaimi, a teaching assistant in the Law Department at Al-Noor University College, has published a new book titled (The Right to Health), which is a legal study on the many violations of human health.. The author says about these violations (they are the result of actions from which human beings have suffered nothing but woes, pain, and negative effects on their health). The material of the book is divided into three chapters...the first of which is concerned with the right to health in national and international legal rules...and the second is concerned with the right to health in the rules of international organisations. While Chapter Three concerns responsibility for violating the right to health ​
The book was typed and printed at Dar Noon for Printing, Publishing and Distribution
Dr. FarIs Al-Dulaimi has previously published several books, including (International Criminal Justice) and (Experience and its Role in Proof)