Al-Noor College professors in historians' encyclopedias

The professors of Al-Noor University College receive the attention of historians, especially in the field of encyclopedias, where they shine with a distinguished presence. Among these figures is Dr. Saleh Hussein Ali Al-Juhaishi, to whom the historian Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed Jarjis devoted a special field to him in his book Faces of Mosul in its second part... where he says he was born in 1957 AD.

He comes from a well-known Arab Mosul family and a peasant family. His father, may God have mercy on him, was Haj Hussein, one of the sheikhs of the Al-Juhaish clan. He was known for his generosity and wisdom in resolving tribal disputes, and he completed his middle and preparatory school education in the city of Mosul
As for his university studies, he is a graduate of Al-Mustansiriya University in the College of Administration and Economics. He was an Iraqi army officer and was referred to retirement in 1990 based on his wish. He worked as a lawyer in the Nineveh courts.
Then he obtained a doctorate from the Arab Republic of Egypt and studied at the University of Mosul and worked as a university professor at Al-Hadbaa University College. He is currently a lecturer at Al-Noor University College. He served as head of the law department at the college for the years 2017 and 2018 and teaches constitutional law, political systems, He received many letters of thanks and appreciation
During his years of study, he obtained the following certificates: 
-Bachelor of Business Administration - College of Administration and Economics - Al-Mustansiriya University.
-Bachelor of Law - College of Law - University of Mosul
Higher Diploma in Legal Studies - Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo.
-Master of Public Law - Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo.
-PhD in Constitutional Law - Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo.

He has many published and unpublished books, and his published books are:
1- Elections as a democratic method for assuming power, Dar Al-Kutub Al-Qanuni, Cairo, 2010.
2-The right to vote, a comparative study, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2012.
3-The Judicial Authority in Islam, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2014.
4-Power and Popular Satisfaction, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2015.
5-Party pluralism and its role in the transfer of power, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2016.
6-The authority of the administration to withdraw the administrative decision, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2017.
7-The status of citizenship under sectarian quotas, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2018.
8-Electoral corruption and its impact on the functions of the House of Representatives, University Press House - Alexandria, 2019.

He has a number of scientific research published in respected journals, including:
1- The problem of a weak sense of citizenship, published in Al-Qalam College Journal, Kirkuk, 2017 AD.
2- The state’s commitment to the law is a guarantee of human rights, Tikrit University Law Journal, 2018.
3-The role of the legislative authority in confronting corruption, Al-Rafidain Law Journal, University of Mosul, 2018.
4- Prohibiting the public employee from participating in electoral propaganda (a comparative study), Journal of the College of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, Kirkuk University, 2018.
5- Manifestations of Electoral Corruption, Al-Rafidain Law Journal, University of Mosul, 2019.
There are scientific research and studies sent inside and outside the country prepared for publication.

He participated in many conferences and scientific activities:
1- Participation in the Second Scientific Conference for the Protection of Intellectual Property held at the League of Arab States - Cairo in 2008 AD.
2-International commercial arbitration held at the Law Institute in Cairo - Arab Republic of Egypt in 2008.
3- Participation in the General Conference on the Electoral Reality in Egypt after the January 2011 Revolution.
4- Participation in the annual conference of the Faculty of Law entitled (The legal and financial implications of considering Nineveh Governorate a disaster zone, April 2018.
5- Participating in many discussions of master’s and doctoral theses and graduation research for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
6- Participation in the proceedings of the first scientific symposium (Governance and Administrative Leadership Development), which was held by Iraqi businessmen in the hall of the Scientific and Literary Forum of the University of Mosul 2017.
7- Participation in the workshop (Advancing Nineveh for the sake of Iraq) - Economic Recovery Team at the Engineers Hall in Nineveh, 2018.

Federations and unions to which he belongs:
• Member of the Iraqi Bar Association - Iraq - Baghdad.
• Member of the Arab Lawyers Union - Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo.
• Member of the International Law Forum - Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo.
• Member of the Union of Jurists - Baghdad.
• Member of the International Union of Arab Academics - Denmark.