In an initiative created by the English Department at Al-Noor University College, which is considered a pioneer in the Iraqi higher education sector, one of the college’s halls witnessed a fierce competition among the department’s students on Monday morning, 30/12/2019, in the (Reading Challenge), which is a competition based on testing students’ abilities in Speed reading and comprehension... through the competing students reading a book designated for the competition within a specific time and then answering questions set by the supervising committee to determine the extent of the students’ comprehension of the book’s material... and choosing the most skilled student in speed reading and comprehension..
(27) male and female students from the English Department at the college participated in this new cognitive tradition that develops the sense of reading and concentration among young people. They read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell in its printed version in the English language. The first place was won by the student Naji Haji Murad, and the second place was won by Hassan Abed Ahmed student in the third stage.