The presence of Al-Noor University College professors and their role in revitalizing the scientific research movement and preparing specialized and scientifically qualified staff continues, as Dr. Hadi Mohammed Ahmad, assistant professor at Al-Noor University College, participated in the membership of the discussion committee for graduate student Emama Qasim Fathi, who is seeking to obtain a master’s degree in the Department of Biology at the College of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Mosul for its dissertation (Study of the biochemical and histopathological effects of lead dichloride on some mosquito fish)..The discussion took place on Sunday, 8/11/2020, by a committee headed by Prof. Dr. Saleh Mohammed Rahim from the College of Science at the University of Kirkuk, and including Dr. Banan Rakan Dabdoub and Dr. Amal Abdul-Ilah Younis, from the University of Mosul.