On Monday, 20/1/2020, in the meeting hall of the college council, Al-Noor University College and Nineveh University signed a twinning agreement. The agreement aimed to enhance cooperation between Iraqi higher education institutions in areas such as exchanging expertise, mutual support in organizing scientific activities, and sharing resources. The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, the dean of Al-Noor University College, and Prof. Dr. Mazahim Qasim Al-Khayat, the president of Nineveh University. Prior to the signing, Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha illuminated the history and current status of the college, emphasizing its achievements with precise statistics. He commended the role of Prof Dr. Yassar Yahya Al-Tammar, the head of the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, for his coordination and preparation for the agreement. Following this, Prof. Dr. Mazahim Qasim Al-Khayat spoke about the development and solidity of Al-Noor University College, praising its faculty and students. He expressed Nineveh University's readiness to engage in the agreement with its senior officials, extending his gratitude to Dr. Yassar Yahya Al-Tammar and the two deputy presidents of Nineveh University for their efforts in finalizing the agreement. Subsequently, the dean of Al-Noor University College presented the twinning shield to the president of Nineveh University. A delegation from Nineveh University then visited the college to explore its facilities, laboratories, and available resources.
The signing ceremony was attended by representatives from Nineveh University, including the two assistant vice presidents for academic and administrative affairs, the deans of the College of Medicine and the College of Electronics Engineering, as well as heads of scientific and administrative departments, and media personnel. From Al-Noor University College, the college council, academic affairs department, monitoring and follow-up department, and media team were present at the ceremony.