In recognition of their efforts in revitalizing cement factories and contributing to the reconstruction of Mosul, Al-Noor University College awarded shields of excellence, along with certificates of appreciation, to a select group of engineers. This gesture signifies the collaboration between the university and the Mosul Reconstruction Movement, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between human development and infrastructure improvement. During the ceremony, hosted by the college, shields were presented by the Dean of Al-Noor University College to Engineer Hussein Mohsen Obeid Al-Khafaji, the General Director of the Iraqi Cement Company, Engineer Ali Zidan Khalaf, the Assistant General Director for the Affairs of Northern Cement Plants, Engineer Khaled Mohammed Amin, the Director of Cement Expansion Plant, and Ali Asmat, the Media Director of the Northern Cement Company. Engineer Ali Zidan Khalaf spoke about the reconstruction efforts, detailing the rehabilitation process of the factories and their surpassing of pre-destruction production rates.