The Central Admission Committee of Al-Noor College visited on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Full Name: Thanoon Younis Mustafa Ghazal

Born in 1940 in Mosul, Iraq.

Completed elementary, intermediate, and high school education in Mosul.

Completed university studies in the Department of Arabic Language at the College of Education, University of Baghdad.

He completed his Master's studies at the College of Arts, University of Mosul, with his thesis titled "Modern Iraqi Poetry."

He completed his Ph.D. studies at the College of Arts, University of Mosul, and completed his doctoral thesis titled "Symbolism in Modern Iraqi Poetry: The Post-Pioneer Generation."

He worked as a faculty member at the College of Basic Education until his retirement in 2011.

He obtained the rank of Assistant Professor in 2010.

He is a member of the Arab Writers Union.

He has published several scientific research papers in refereed academic journals.

He completed the collection and study of the diwan of the Sufi poet Fadel Al-Sayyadli.

He currently works as a faculty member at Al-Noor College/Department of Arabic Language.