In the second round of the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques at Al-Noor University College, in which it takes its students to their future field of work, the department’s teachers, headed by Prof,. Dr. Yasar Yahya Al-Tamer, head of the department, accompanied the students of the second stage to Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital in Mosul, where they were briefed on the Leukemia Department and visited the sick children and give them gifts. They also learned about the work of blood tests and laboratories and how to deal with these cases.
The department's teachers and students met with the hospital director, Dr. Yousef Muayyad Al-Badrani, who gave an introduction to the reality of the hospital's work. At the conclusion of the visit, he was given the shield of Al-Noor University College, presented to him by Prof. Dr. Yasar Yahya Al-Tamer, head of the department.