In an effort by Al-Noor University College to provide its students in the departments of the medical group with early field experience that allows them to compare their theoretical studies with reality, the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques in the college organized a field visit for the students of the second stage in the college to Al-Hamdaniya Hospital. The visit team was headed by Prof. Dr. Yassar Yahya Al-Tamer.
The head of the medical laboratories department, and with him a group of teachers, namely the Asst. Lect. Zahraa Abdulmoneim, the Asst. Lect. Hadeel Tariq, and the Asst. Lect. Enaam Enad, and from the Law Department, the Asst. Lect. Hanaa Saleh, who gave a lecture on the legal status of medical errors and procedures that harm people.. ..and it was done. The students were briefed on the progress of field work from the blood drawing stage to the analysis stage and to the results. The students listened to a comprehensive explanation of work in laboratories... A visit was also organized to the blood bank in the hospital, during which the students were informed of how to deal with the patient’s needs. This visit is an incentive for the students to integrate into the work climate, its quality, and its stages in the future