Middle East Exhibition Diaries
Closing day activities
On its fourth and final day, Al-Noor University College’s pavilion maintained its brilliance that it was known for since the first moments of the start of the Middle East Education, Technology and Student Exhibition, which was hosted by the halls of the Erbil International Fair and in which schools, colleges, private universities, companies and offices working in the service of the education sectors participated.
On this day, the pavilion attracted visitors to the exhibition, and its façade was illuminated with the faces and features of those inquiring about the field of open majors, application mechanisms and dates, and eligibility for education in the college. The answers were undertaken by the college’s experienced staff, represented by the follow-up officer at Al-Noor University College, Ghassan Mohammed Saadoun, the director of registration and student affairs, Ali Ashour, and the two teachers, Noor Matti Behnam and Basma Ibrahim Abbo... in continuous, diligent work supervised by Professor Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, Dean of the College..
The activities area witnessed many activities and lectures, including a lecture on British universities and institutes and their harmony with the Iraqi government’s policy in the field of higher education, lectures by the Nobel Institute, the Zanyari Private School, and the University of Knowledge, with a presentation of one of the schools and one of the kindergartens.
The last day also marked the holding of the grand final draws for Al-Noor competition for all visitors over the four days, where Hiwa Azad, Hatem Abdul Karim, Muhannad Abdullah Nayef, Nowroz Ahmed, Mohammed Shamil Hilal, Amir Bassam Abdul Amir, and Dalgahsh Salar..
These winners deserved the raffle prizes, which are a collection of external mobile phones, high-end watches, wireless routers, cameras, and external hard drives.
At the end of the fourth day, the exhibition completed its work... with the hope that similar works will continue to complete its message, with the help of God Almighty.