The Nineveh Universities Futsal Championship was concluded on Sunday afternoon, 10/3/2019, in the closed hall of the University of Mosul, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamal al-Din al-Ahmadi, President of the University of Mosul, Prof. Dr. Muzahim al-Khayyat, President of Nineveh University, and Professor Dr. Yassin Taha al-Hajjar, Dean of Al-Noor University College. The final match took place between the teams of the University of Mosul and Al-Noor University College, where the strong and ancient Mosul University team achieved a difficult victory over its confident competitor, the Al-Noor University College team, thus deserving the championship title. Al-Noor University team finished second, while the Hamdaniya University team took third place. It is worth noting that this tournament included the teams of four Iraqi universities: Mosul, Nineveh, Al-Hamdaniya, and Northern Technology, and the teams of two private colleges, Al-Noor University and Al-Hadba University.