Al-Noor University College is full of a group of distinguished people in various forms of creativity. Among them is the writer Amir Boulos Akko, a poet and novelist who works in the Department of Registration and Student Affairs at Al-Noor University College. This vital department has direct contact with the lives of students and is managed by the persistent Ali Ashour, who is known for his dedication and dedication to work. Amir Boulos, a member of the General Union of Writers in Iraq, is a Nineveh writer who lives in Bartella, near Qaraqosh, where he creates alongside its distinguished figures Shaker Majeed Seifu, Zuhair Behnam Barada, Haitham Behnam Barada, and Dr. Behnam Atallah... He was recently published by Mashki House, a short novel that runs on 117 pages. It bears the title (Barren Nardah)... He is one of the few creative people who specialize in writing short novels.. The writer Amir has previously published a number of literary works, including (Fingers of the Night)... a collection of short stories.
(نَبَشَت ْ رُكامي لأجلي) … نصوص شعرية قصيرة
(الصمت يُصلي وحيدا) ً… مجموعة شعرية
(معزوفات لظل ٍّ رأى) … رواية قصيرة
(سرابك ِ جسدا ً )..نصوص شعرية قصيرة ..