The professors of Al-Noor University College continue to supply the scientific library and public libraries with new, solid works that reflect their culture, experience, and concrete scientific knowledge. Prof. Dr. Khazal Fathi, Head of the Arabic Language Department at Al-Noor University College, published two new books in the field of the Arabic language, namely (The Effect of Qur’anic Meaning in Directing the Tool). It is a grammatical study in the books of the parsing of the Qur’an and (the grammatical lesson in the books of Al-Amali until the fourth AH)
In the context of celebrating the publication of the two books, the General Union of Writers in Nineveh, as part of the weekly cultural activity, held a signing session for them on Saturday, 3/8/2019, in the presence of professors from universities and a number of poets and intellectuals in Mosul. Prof. Dr. Khazal Fathi presented some short stories in this celebration. And some articles about Mosul and the suffering of its people during the liberation. After that, he gave explanations about his two new books. The session included many critical interventions, along with asking questions that had an impact on the session.