Assistant Professor Dr. Nashwan Muhammad Suleiman, Head of the Law Department at Al-Noor University College, participated in the membership of the committee to discuss the dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Law at the University of Mosul by the student Rana Saad Shaker Mahmoud, a professor in the Law Department at Al-Noor University College, under the title (Shari’a Intentions in Contemporary Heritage Issues). The discussion committee was chaired by Prof. Dr. Sajer Nasser Hamad from Tikrit University, and its membership was joined by Assistant Professor Dr. Nadia Khair El-Din Aziz from Mosul University, Assistant Professor Dr. Obaid Abdul Zaidan from Kirkuk University and Assistant Professor Dr. Khaled Asim Khalil from Mosul University. And the assistant professor, Dr. Qais Abdul-Wahhab Issa, also from the Mosul University. The thesis was approved with an Excellence degree.