A Professor from Al-Noor University College chairs a discussion committee at University of Mosul


Dr. Moataz Ghazi Saadallah, Assistant Professor in the Department of Dentistry at Al-Noor University College, chaired the discussion committee for the master’s student in the College of Dentistry at University of Mosul, Zahraa Abdel Ghafour Ahmed Al-Qattan, for her thesis submitted to the Conservative Dental Department entitled (Calcium excretion capacity and shear strength of a calcium-containing self-adhesive resin slurry for different reacting surfaces) on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. It dealt with evaluating the shear bond strength of three types of double-hardening self-adhesive resin mortars for three types of different interacting surfaces with determining the type of associated failure, and conducting an X-ray energy dispersal spectroscopic examination to identify the effect of the mortar on different surfaces.. This study also aimed to evaluate the cumulative secretion Calcium ion from the regenerated version of the self-adhesive resin slurry Terrace Calcium in multiple periods of time and in two mediums with different pH, one basic and the other acidic. The committee included in its membership Prof. Dr. Emad Farhan Ali, University of Mosul / College of Dentistry and Asst. Prof. Qasim Abdul-Karim Mohamed/ University of Babylon/ College of Dentistry [...]