Based on the directives of the Dean of Al-Noor University College, Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajar, a group of female faculty members from Al-Noor University College organized a checking visit to the Department of Welfare for People with Special Needs.. The Elderly Care Home in Mosul, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, on Monday morning 21/3/2022 coinciding with Nowruz holidays Where the visiting team celebrated with the beneficiary women in the home by cutting the Mother’s Day cake and distributing a set of gifts on this occasion to the women residing in the home. The visiting team was accompanied by Mrs. Rafa’a Muhammad Saeed, director of the Women’s Empowerment Department in Nineveh Governorate, Mrs. Mithaq Taleb, Director of the Special Needs Department, and Mrs. (Ruwaida Salman), Director of the Elderly Care Home in Mosul. It is worth noting that the faculty team of Al-Noor University College included the Assistant Lecturer Zina Dabyan Muhammad Zaki, from the Department of Dentistry, the Assistant Lecturer, Inaam Inad Jubouri, in the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, the Assistant Lecturer, Hadeel Tariq Saadoun, from the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, the Lecturer Dr. Shaima Abdullah Ahmed, from the Department of Anesthesia Techniques and the Assistant Lecturer, Zahraa Khazal Hamdoun, also from the Department of Anesthesia Techniques.