The Ministry of Higher Education checks the second semester examinations at Al-Noor University College


Being consistently present in the examinations conducted by Iraq’s universities including governmental and private colleges, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has formed committees of higher education instructors to follow up the progress of the examinations, including the committee charged with following up the progress of the examinations for the second semester at Al-Noor University College. The ministerial committee is headed by Professor Dr. Jaafar Ramadan Mohamed, the president assistant of the University of Nineveh, and its members include Assistant Professor Dr. Aws Zuhair Younis Al-Ashqar, Professor Dr. Safwan Hafeez Younis, Lecturer Karam Mudhaffar Younis, from Nineveh University. Dr. Saif Abdullah Mustafa, Dr. Abdulaziz Alwan Mustafa, and Assistant Lecturer Ibrahim Mahmood Rasheed, from Tal-Afar University . Where this committee visited the college and toured its examination halls and checked the progress of the examinations. [...]