The Academic Research Center in Canada issues a translated book of a Professor at Al-Noor University College / Department of English


On the authority of the Academic Research Center in Toronto / Canada, Assistant Professor Dr. Haseeb Elias Hadid, the professor at Al-Noor University College, published the new book, “Religious Life of the Nabataeans”, that Dr. Haseeb translated from English language into Arabic. The book contains (333) pages within the 100_titles project for 2022 A.D. From the series on the history of the Arabian Peninsula and its religions before Islam. the book is written by Professor Dr. Peter Elbas, who is specialized in studies of the ancient Mediterranean and the Near East. The book “The Religious Life of the Nabateans” studies the inscriptions, sculptures, and architectural remains left by the religious in every corner of the Nabataean state. It also analyzes the religious monuments of the desert city of Petra, which extends from Hauran to the Hijaz, as well as presenting a new perspective in contrast to previous scientific studies that reduced the diversity of religious practices and traditions. [...]