A Professor from Al-Noor University College - English Department participates in the membership of an M.A. thesis discussion


Lect. Dr.. NadhimYounis Saleh, the instructor at Al-Noor University College, participated as a member of the discussion committee for the postgraduate student for the master’s degree (Noor Ali Suleiman) in the College of Arts / Department of Translation at Tikrit University, who presented her thesis entitled “The Effect of Context on Translating English Legal Idioms into Arabic” to the committee which was headed by Prof. Dr. Omar Ahmed Shihab and the membership of Lect. Dr. Nadhim Younis Saleh from #Al-Noor_University_College and Asst. Prof. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali. This study assumes that the type of terminology, context influence, knowledge of legal language, and the translator's familiarity with these terms helps in understanding the meaning of these terms and providing appropriate translations. Theoretically, this study provides a theoretical background on the concept of terms, their categories, characteristics, functions, difficulties and strategies in translating these terms. A brief description of the relationship between idioms and culture and between terms and other related concepts such as metaphor, proverbs, and solidarity; the role of context in translating idioms; Finally, a brief presentation of legal translation and legal language. [...]