The Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs at Al-Noor University College chairs a PhD Dissertation discussion committee


Chaired by Prof. Dr. Sameer Khalaf Abdullah, Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs of Al-Noor University College, and the membership of Prof. Dr. Bushra Hussein Shinawa from Soran University, Prof. Dr. Hikmat Safi Mustafa from Salahaddin University, Assistant Professor Dr. Baram Ahmed Hamadameen from University of Sulaimani, and Prof. Dr. Steeve Bonneville from the University of Brussels, the PhD Dissertation has been discussed at Soran University, entitled (Biomineralization, Mineral substrate Alteration and the Role of Secondary Metabolites Under Experimental and Natural Settings) by Shorush Mustafa Abdullah. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kamal Youssef Odisho.