The instructor at Al-Noor University College is a member of the discussion committee for the postgraduate student for the master’s degree, Sorour Mahdi Sabbar in the Department of English Language / College Basic Education at University of Mosul, who presented her thesis which is entitled "The Pragmatic Aspects of Proverbs and Sayings in Some Arabic Novels". Moreover, this study examines the pragmatic aspects of proverbs and sayings in some Arabic novels, as proverbs and sayings are known as indirect expressions that are used to express something related to various aspects of life. However, the proverb or saying is used in a specific context to express different implied meaning understood within the context. The discussion committee consisted of:

1. Prof. Dr. Salem Yahya Fathi (Chairman)

2. Asst. Prof. Dr. Yasser Younis Abdulwahed (member)

3. Lect. Dr. Nathume Younis Saleh (member)

4. Prof. Dr. Mazen Fawzy Ahmed (member and supervisor)

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