Prof. Dr. Mohammed Basil Qassem Al-Azzawi chaired On Wednesday, 5/10/2022, a discussion committee of master’s student Arsalan Abdullah Feki in the English Department/College of Education/Salahuddin University/Erbil, under the title:
(The Impact of Lexical Approach on Identification and Learning Colloctions among EFL Students in Private Universities in Erbil City)

The discussion committee consisted of:
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Basil Qasim Al-Azzawi (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Faten Khairy Al-Rifai (Member)
Asst. Lect. Dr. Parwin Shawkat Kawther (Member)
Prof. Dr. Nada Jabbar Abbas (member and supervisor)
The thesis was approved with a very good grade.

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