Al-Noor University College has been declared launch of a series of Al-Noor Buses to transport its students daily from the college's location in Al-Shallalat Road to Almujamaa Al-Thany area near the University of Mosul. The 11th of March, the media office of Al-Noor University College has been remarked that Al-Noor Buses are a free initiative aimed reduce the difficulty of the road for students coming to the college, and it includes several daily morning and evening trips. Al-Noor Buses are considered the first university initiative to work in Mosul and Iraq, as no private or governmental university has ever provided free buses for students. The media office of Al-Noor University College has explained that Al-Noor buses are the first type of buses to enter service in Iraq, as one bus can accommodate up to 150 people, and has high safety specifications, fast and air-conditioned.

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