Asst. Dr. Taha Hamid Salman at the department of dentistry in Al-Noor University College has got a patent with Asst. Dr. Emad Farhan Al-Khalidi at the college of dentistry in Mosul University is entitled “Preparation and evaluation of a new cementitious material with a calcareous base” Issued by the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control under No. 7413 , 21th of June in the year 2022 .
The patent research has dealt with preparing a new cement with a calcareous base from an available cheap material (eggshell), then evaluating the physical, mechanical, biological and antibacterial properties of the new cement, and comparing the results with other restorative materials (polycarboxylate cement and biodentine) according to the specifications of the American ADA No. 96.
The powder for the new cement was prepared from chicken egg shells while the liquid was polyacrylic acid
More than 3400 samples were prepared as attempting to reach the appropriate formula, and the reaction of the new cement was verified by FTIR and DSC.

The new cement was tested in terms of hardening time, compressive strength, hardness, slice thickness, solubility, toxicity, pH analysis, antibacterial properties and biocompatibility. Polycarboxylate and biodentine cements were also used as a control group.
The results has showed that the new cement possesses better physical and mechanical properties than polycarboxylate cement and is acceptable within ADA No. 96 specifications and possesses better antibacterial properties than polycarboxylate and biodentine cements, as well as showing biocompatibility close to biodentine better than polycarboxylate cement.

The economic feasibility of the research

It was found that the addition of calcium to the cement material is important for giving a harmonious vital value to the tooth tissue as it gives it the ability to re-mineralize the tooth tissue (i.e. to compensate for the lost minerals and salts of the tissue), and thus we restore the tooth tissue to its strength, hardness and resistance to decay bacteria.
We have extracted calcium and hydroxy iotaide from eggshells becouse it is a very available and cheap material, and grinded them to become nanoparticles, and added them to the cement material. Actully the tests have showed a significant improvement in the physical, mechanical and biological properties of the cement material.

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