Within the frame of the extra-curricular scientific activities of the department of construction engineering and project management, a visit has taken place on the morning of Saturday, the 18th of March in the year 2023, to the construction and reconstruction project for the maternity hospital located in Al-Wahda neighborhood in Mosul.
The scientific visit has included 15 students accompanied by the head of the department of construction engineering and project management Prof. Dr. Saad Ali Hassan Al-Taanand 15 students from the department. The visit comes in order to see the progress and implementation of some construction and structural material and for the purpose of completing theoretical and scientific information with field applications and to increase students' experience in The field of work, and within visiting, then directed to the ready-mixed concrete manufacturing plant, in order to learn how to prepare ready-mixed concrete, the proportions of its various components, and how to control its properties.

Wishing our students all success and godspeed

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