Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Daud Salim, professor in the Department of Dentistry/ Al-Noor University College participated in the membership of the Examination Committee of postgraduate student “Asma Abdulaziz Abdullah Ahmed” about her Ph.D. thesis in Microbiology in the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science at Mosul University entitled
(Cellular and molecular study of therapeutic effect of ZnS Qdot NPs-LPS lipofectamine on breast cancer MCF-7cell line)

The examination was conducted in Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El Haj Qassim Hall at the Department of Biology. The discussion committee consists of Dr. Muhsen Ayub Isa/a professor at the Faculty of Science /the head, Dr. Jasim Fathi Ali Hussin, Asst. Prof. at Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences/ Mosul University, Asst. Prof. Dr. Shakir Ghazi Jarzis Hussein/College of Science/University of Mosul/ member. Asst. Prof. Dr. Anmar Ahmad Daud Suleiman Al-Tai/ Faculty of Science /Mosul University/ Member. As well as Prof. Dr. Huyam Adil Ibrahim Ali Al-Tai/Dean of the College of Science/University of Mosul/ member and supervisor.
At the conclusion of the committee, Professor Qusay Kamal Al-Din delivered a book of thanks and appreciation in attendance of Professor Huyam Adel, Dean of the Faculty of Science.

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