Being proud of the College's prestigious position as seen by the intellectuals of Nineveh, Dr. Zaid Saaduldeen Khudhur gifted the library of his late father, Saaduldeen Khudhur, the author and Pioneer of Culture, to Al-Noor University College to decorate its scientific shelves. He brought an extensive collection of books himself, accompanied by his son, handing them over to the Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar, Dean of the college, who received them in his office in the presence of the Iraqi journalist Thamer Mayoof, the college’s media advisor. In this meeting, Dr. Zaid explained that he had been telephoning the college's media advisor for several days to prepare for this gifting by virtue of the friendship and literary companionship between him and the deceased Saaduldeen Khudhur.
At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Yaseenn Taha expressed his happiness with this gesture and his keenness to allocate a big shelf for the late great man within the college library. Then he presented a letter of thanks and gratitude to Dr. Zaid Saadeddin.
It is worth mentioning that the pioneer of Mosul journalism, the late Saaduldeen Khudhur, was engaged in writing, as he wrote several books and published many articles in Iraqi and Arab newspapers and magazines. He also managed many departments in the Ministries of Education and Labor and Social Affairs.

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