Revitalizing field visits that build a higher education relationship with society, Members of the Thalassemia Committee of Al-Noor University College visited the Thalassemia Association in Nineveh and Al-Hadbaa Specialized Hospital for Hematology and bone marrow transplantation. They met the director of the hospital, Dr. Madian Muhammad Fawzi Al-Ghurairy, and briefed on the hospital's program, which it is hoped will start its services for Thalassemia Patients and leukemia soon. They also discussed participation in a group of programs.
After that, the members of the committee conducted a tour of the hospital’s wards and laboratories. In the end, the head of the Thalassemia Committee in Nineveh praised the perseverance of the Thalassemia Committee in the college and awarded it a letter of thanks and appreciation.

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