A master`s thesis in TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages) was discussed on Sunday morning 27/8/2023.

The thesis submitted to the University of Duhok by postgraduate student Zenwar Mohammed Ali Abdullah under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Basil Qasim Al-Azawi, Professor in the English Department at Al-Noor University College, under the title

(Grammer learning strategies:A study of kurdish EFL learners’perceptions at University English Departments in Duhok City)

The discussion was held by a committee included Dr. Saeed Idris Saeed, assistant professor at the University of Duhok, as a chairman and Dr. Sanan Shiro Mello, assistant professor at Zakho University, Dr. Idris Ali Hassan, assistant professor at Poly Technic University in Duhok, and Dr. Mohammed Basil Al-Azawi, professor at Al-Noor University College, as a members of the discussion committee.
After extensive discussion with the student`s defense, the thesis was approved with high esteem

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