Dr. Raya Jassim Al-Nuaimi, professor in the Department of Dentistry at Al-Noor University College, chaired the discussion committee of the master’s degree graduate student, Hadeel Abdullah Yassin Al-Hamdani, about her thesis submitted to the College of Dentistry at the University of Mosul under the title (The relationship between oral health and body mass index among school children aged 7-10 years in the city of Mosul) The discussion took place in the presence of Professor Dr. Munir Al-Badrani, Assistant President of the University of Mosul for Scientific Affairs, on Sunday, 17/3/2024. Assistant Professor Dr. Hakam Hisham Sabah, Professor Aisha Akram Qasim, and Assistant Professor Saher Sami Kaskos participated in its membership. The thesis included a study of the effect of low and high body mass on the rate of permanent and baby tooth decay and gingivitis among school children in the city of Mosul. The message was accepted after minor modifications were made.

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