Al-Noor University College shines in the Iraqi Universities Chess and Table Tennis Championship


ا- The Iraqi Universities Chess Championship for male and female students was held in the capital, Baghdad, for the period 16-20/1/2022, where it was hosted by the University of Technology, Al-Rafidain University College and Al-Mustafa University College and 35 governmental and private universities and colleges from all over Iraq participated in it In cooperation with the Iraqi Chess Federation, which provided a reputable group of international chess referees Al-Noor University College team ranked third (repeated) from the total points scored in nine rounds during the tournament, and seventh place in the general ranking at the level of private and governmental universities and colleges in Iraq, outperforming a large number of private and governmental universities and colleges. The student Ahmed Qutaiba Younes in our college also won the second place as the best player at the level of the first table in the tournament. The results of all rounds and the final and individual results have also been published on the global website for the results of the World Chess Championships [...]