Energy is an essential element in every challenge and every opportunity that the world faces today, whether that is creating jobs, consolidating security, combating climate change, producing food, or increasing income. Access to energy is a necessary issue for everyone, and working to achieve this goal is a very important issue because it is particularly linked to other sustainable development goals, and to create local communities that are more inclusive, sustainable and resilient in relation to environmental issues such as climate change, it is necessary to focus on making access to energy available to everyone, increasing the efficiency of its use, and using renewable energy by creating jobs and new economic opportunities.
Al-Noor College’s achievements in the goal of Affordable and Clean Energy

 A workshop entitled “Renewable Energy / Solar Cells”
 Establishment of a solar energy station in the college.
 Al-Noor University College joined the energy rationalization campaign launched by the Electricity Directorates in Nineveh.