1. Dean of Al-Noor University College                    Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar
  2. Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs                   Prof. Dr. Sameer Khalaf Abdullah 
  3. Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs           Asst. Prof. Dr. Nabeel Ahmed Jarjees 
  4. Head of Medical Lab. Techniques Department                      Prof. Dr. Yassar Yahya Hussein 
  5. Head of Dentistry Department                Prof. Dr. Talal Hameed Mohamed 
  6. Head of Pharmacy Department                     Prof. Dr. Isam Hamo Mahmood 
  7. Head of Dental Industry Department                Asst. Prof. Dr. Wael Sheet Hussein 
  8. Head of Anesthesia Techniques Department            Asst. Prof. Dr. Basem Idris Thanoun 
  9. Dead of Optical Techniques Department          Asst. Prof. Dr. Ismaeel Khalaf Abbas 
  10. Dead of Radiology & Sonar Techniques Department              Asst. Prof. Dr. Nawfal Yousif Jameel 
  11. Dead of Department of Law         Asst. Prof. Dr. Nashwan Mohammed Suleiman 
  12. Asst. Prof. Dr. Yousif Hamdi Fathi \English Department’s Head 
  13. Head of Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences         Prof. Dr. Zuhair Qassim Hammoodi 
  14. Head of Arabic Department                           Prof. Dr. Khazal Fathi Zidan 
  15. Representative of the Faculty                Asst. Prof. Tariq Hammoudi Amen 
  16. Secretary of the College Council                        Lect. Dr. Hani Moslem Ahmed 
  17. Rapporteur of the College Council      Asst. Lect. Ali Zeinulabdeen Abdulrazzaq 

The College Council undertakes the following tasks:


  1. Establishing admission requirements
  2. Recommending the numbers of students to be accepted at the beginning of each academic year
  3. Recommending the adoption of the proposed curricula and submitting them to the Ministry
  4. Determining a plan to provide education requirements
  5. Suggesting the annual tuition fees
  6. Managing, investing and disposing college funds according to the objectives of the university
  7. Suggesting to appoint dean assistant to the college
  8. Approving on the appointment and dismissal of heads of departments
  9. Recommending extending the term of service of the university president, dean of the college, or nominating a replacement for him or dismissing him
  10. Secondmenting faculty members, extension and termination of the secondment period
  11. Granting graduate certificates
  12. Approval of academic promotions for faculty members after coordination with the Research and Development Department in the Ministry
  13. Recommending opening, merging or canceling scientific departments or branches and submitting them to the Ministry
  14. Approval of the annual budget and final account and transfer between semesters
  15. Approving on college cadres and scientific departments
  16. Approval of contracting with non-Iraqi faculty members in accordance with the regulations adopted by official universities, with the exception of determining wages
  17. Approval of contracting with faculty members and other employees, determining their wages and bonuses, accepting their resignations, and Dismissing their services
  18. Approving the contracts with universities, colleges and scientific institutions that are concerned with scientific researches inside and outside Iraq
  19. suspending studies totally or in partially for a period when necessary not exceeding (7) seven days, on condition of informing the Council of Private Higher Education in the Ministry with a statement of the reasons that called for that end
  20. Donating money transferred to universities, colleges and scientific and educational institutions inside Iraq legally
  21. Accepting grants, gifts, subsidies, wills and endowments from inside and outside Iraq legally
  22. Approving on opening courses for teaching foreign languages and continuing education courses


The University Council may delegate some authorizations to the President of the University

The Dean of the College undertakes the following duties:

A- Being the president of the college council, inviting it, implementing its decisions, and representing the college before official and unofficial institutions.

b- Managing the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the college legally.

C- Issuing a statement of appointing the dean assistants of the college.

D- Issuing a statement of appointing heads of college departments.

E - Approval on the appointment of the dean assistant and heads of departments at the college.

F- Signing contracts and agreements associated with the approval of the College Council.

g- Approving on the decisions of the committees related to write-off, appraisal and rent legally.

H- Dispatching faculty members inside and outside Iraq.

I- Recommending the donation of transferred funds to universities, colleges and scientific and educational institutions inside Iraq.

J- Approving on the payment of rewards to those who provide services to the college or contribute to its development.

The head of the department undertakes the following tasks:

A- Performing the decisions of the college council and department council in relation to his department.

b- Managing the department in terms of scientific, administrative, educational, cultural, financial, technical, and student affairs.

C - Preparing quarterly and annual scientific reports on the department's activities.

D- Recommending the appointment of a department rapporteur as a representative in his absence.

E - Presenting researches for the purposes of promotion to scientific committees.

F - Supervising the scientific affairs of students for the various studying stages.

G- Suggesting two experts from the teaching staff to review scientific promotions in the department.

H- Assigning any of the lecturers to carry out the tasks as needed, regardless of the due time specified by the higher authorities.

I - Approving on the nomination of faculty members to participate in the technical and administrative committees

K- Directing inquiries to faculty members in case of their absence or delay in entering lectures and chastise them

L - Chairing the scientific committee in the department

M- Signing the annual bonus and promotion form in the direct supervisor field for all the department’s employees and recommending giving them bonus and promotion.

N- Distributing duties to the department's employees according to the benefits of the department and the college, and issuing administrative statement to that end.

O- Calling the department council to convene in exceptional sessions when necessary.