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The Division of Quality Assurance of Education and Academic Accreditation of the College is concerned with achieving the goals of the Deanship that are related to preparing and following up the implementation of the necessary plans to ensure quality performance and obtain academic accreditation at the college level and support all college formations to accomplish tasks related to educational, national and international quality assurance and academic accreditation, as well as contributing to spreading the culture of Quality and academic accreditation at the college community.

The Division of Education Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation seeks to achieve uniqueness, leadership and continuous improvement of the college’s formations through working on establishing the foundations and concepts of total quality management in order to develop education and achieve optimal performance by following the appropriate, advanced and modern methods.

The Division of Education Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation is keen to apply quality standards and university performance for all college formations and subject them to the foundations of Total Quality Management - TQM - and International Standards - ISO - and to follow modern technical means and methods that keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of technical education and strengthening communication channels Between the college formations to exchange information and experiences and to promote and develop scientific and knowledge activities according to a solid scientific-technical system based on the college’s plans.

First - Creating a solid ground for a good learning environment through the application of quality and reliability standards

Second - Preparing a database for evaluating the faculty in the college depending on the evaluation forms (college leaders, teachers and employees) and the faculties' evaluation file.

Third - Working to achieve communication in the field of education through the various activities of the college and encouraging the scientific research process by participating in conferences, seminars, festivals and workshops and urging the publications of research on the college website.

Fourth - Working to direct the educational process in the college towards the use of modern means and methods to raise the distinguished level of the student

Fifth - Working to spread the culture of quality technical education and academic accreditation for the various college formations in order to obtain international accreditation - ISO -

Sixth - Developing the college's staff according to the quality of technical education

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