Creative Arts Competition

Encouraging all talents in various arts, Al-Noor University College declares to its dear students the launch of the creative competition

Creative contests

  perceiving the importance of the arts and being a gateway to progress and sophistication in modern societies

Declared Al-Noor University College to its students the launch of a group of creative competitions in the academic year 2022/2023. The competitions of this year are going to be based on four axis (Arabic poetry, short story, plastic arts, and photography).

Those interested participate in this competition can brief the general conditions and choose one of the axes

Wishing them a good luck and continued creativity.

General conditions of the competition:

  1. Exclusively the participation of the competition is for the college students from all departments.
  2. Things submitted for the competition must be new and not participated in other competitions. It is not published by any means of publication.
  3. The text must be produced by the personality of student and not quoted or copied from a text by another author.
  4. The college has the right to keep the winning artworks and publish them on publishing means or . participate in art exhibitions
  5. The decisions of the arbitration committees are final and may not be objected to it .
  6. The three winners in each branch of the competition will receive honorary prizes from the college.
  7. The latest date of receiving works is on Monday , the 3th of March in the academic year 2023.
  8. The announcement of the results will be on Thursday, the 3th of March in 2023 .

Note The college will conduct workshops to introduce the art of photography. Other workshops related to the axis of the competition will be announced on the college's Facebook account.

First Axis
  1. The poem should not exceed 40 lines of free verse, and the number of stanzas of the poem should range between 10 to 20 verses of vertical poetry.
  2. The text should not be published electronically or on paper, considerate linguistic safety .
  3. The poem should be written in Simplified Arab font, size 16, and sent in PDF format .
Second Axis
  1. The length of the story should not exceed 1500 words.
  2. A story should not be published electronically or on paper, considerate linguistic safety .
  3. A story should be written in Simplified Arab font, size 16, and sent in PDF format .
Third Axis
  1. Photographs of digital cameras and phone cameras are accepted, they should be high quality and the distance from the sides 3*4 and removes photos that contain a locker, name or signature .
  2. The participant has the right to send only three photos.
  3. The choice of subject is free (nature, street life, university life… etc.)
  4. PX for the upper limit of the required horizontal dimension 1929 jpg pictures are sent electronically in files with accuracy 300 point in compass PX and vertical dimension is 1080.
  5. MG the average size of the file is about 3,
  6. Simple image processing is allowed and over processing will be removed according to the judging panel’ criteria
Forth Axis
  1. The choice of topics is free, provided that it does not offend public taste
  2. Paintings from all schools and sects of art are accepted (realist, impressionist Abstract,.....etc.) The calligraphic paintings will be treated as plastic paintings.
  3. As for the sculptural works CM OR 100*70 CM , The size of the participating panels is standard 70* 50 cm or70 cm and the figures are tall 50
  4. writing or signing on the surface of the board or work is not allowed.
  5. the student has the right to participate in three work as a maximum
  6. artworks are delivered to the student Activities Office near the library