College in brief The College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences is one of the colleges of the University of Mosul. It was established in the year 1977 AD, for the purpose of providing cadres specialized in physical education and sports sciences. The number of students admitted to its first session was 48 male and female students, and the period of study in it is 4 years, after which the student obtains a bachelor’s degree. in physical education and sport science.

Since its establishment, the college began to develop and grow at all levels until it reached what it is now, as it includes several buildings, indoor halls, playgrounds, a closed swimming pool, fitness halls, and physical fitness and physiology laboratories. It also included a development in the scientific aspects, especially postgraduate studies, as students were accepted to obtain Graduate degrees, master’s and doctoral degrees, and the college is keen to develop the corresponding colleges in the Arab world, and its teachers participated in many Arab, continental and international conferences, as well as sending postgraduate students to international universities to conduct their experiments.

The college includes three branches: the theoretical sciences branch, the individual games branch, and the team games branch. It is also linked to the Directorate of Physical and Artistic Education. When talking about the number of college teachers, we find a distinguished cadre consisting of (131) teachers, and they are as follows:

Professor rank (38)

Assistant Professor Rank (40)

Teacher rank (32)

Assistant teacher rank (21)