Questionnaire about the graduate’s Opinions

This questionnaire aims to opinion poll the graduates of Al Noor University College to upgrade the graduates' level and study programs at the College through your point of view. Therefore, please express freely, subject to objectivity and accuracy, by answering all questions by marking the appropriate choice.

• The graduate’s opinion of Al-Noor University College

1. How satisfied are you with the college’s performance and policy generally?
2. The quality of classrooms, clinics, and laboratories in the college
3. The examinations system at Al-Noor University College is smooth and clear
4. Administrative staff deals with different departments in the college and respond when needed quickly
5. Al-Noor College buildings and their cleanliness

• • The graduate’s opinion of teaching staff

1. The interaction of an instructor with the student inside and outside the classroom.
2. The instructor’s ability to reach the scientific subject
3. The instructor’s cooperation with students in the writing of the graduation project
4. The quality of teaching methods in the college
5. The teaching staff encourages students to become active learners

• The graduate’s opinion of the Curriculum he studied

1-1. It contributed to developing my specialist's scientific and technical capacities
It helped me to improve my skills in dealing with others
It developed my research skills, my knowledge of Professional Ethics
4. The development was distinguished by the variety of curriculum
5. It provided opportunities for communication and cooperation with a suitable labor market

• General Questions

What is your evaluation of the student's role in participating and contributing to scientific activities?
The service facilities at the college are good and fulfill the needs of students
3. How was your campus life at Al-Noor University College?
What is your evaluation of the cultural, social, and sports extracurricular activities in the college
Your satisfaction with the college's recreational places