Poverty is a condition attributed to individuals who are unable to obtain their basic needs, which are all the things that are considered necessary for a person to survive, and reflect the prevailing standard of living in society. Poverty affects many aspects of life, as it leads to a reduction in education levels in society. , poor health, and inability to work, and it also leads to high rates of vandalism and chaos in society.
Al-Noor College’s achievements in the goal of No Poverty:
 A team from the college distributed food baskets to poor and needy families in several neighborhoods of the city of Mosul.
 The Women’s Empowerment Unit at the college visits a nursing home for the elderly in Mosul.
 Providing 170 children with Eid clothing.
 The college provided free scholarships to (43) male and female students from the Department of Pharmacy and Dentistry.
 Helping the people of Al-Hamdaniya and providing them with aid following the tragedy of the burning of Al-Haytham Hall.