Al Noor University College declares a plan to accept non-Iraqi students for the academic year in 2023/2024 according to the instructions of the respected Minister of the Higher Education and Scientific Research through the initiative ((Study in Iraq)) as well as the instructions of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Yasin Taha Alhajar, to launch the application link for non-Iraqi students Those wishing to complete their university studies at our college.
The college declares the completion of its plan to welcome non-Iraqi students, which includes free scholarships in the various college departments through its aims to promote cultural exchange and raise the scientific level by accepting .students of different nationalities with 3 seats for each major and a total of 39 seats
:The plan will include the following majors

  • department of Pharmacy

    department of Dentistry

    medical laboratory techniques

    Department of Anesthesia Techniques

    Department of radiology and sonar techniques

    optics techniques

    dental industry techniques

    law department

    Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciencesthe

    English language departmentthe

    Arabic department

    Department of Construction Engineering and Project Management

    oil engineering

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personal information

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