Asst. Lect.Anfal Nabeel Mustafa

Dr. Anfal Nabeel Mustafa is a lecturer who joint Al-Noor University College, department of pharmacy in Sep 2021 to teach clinical pharmacy. She obtained Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from Mosul University in 2009. Then Master degree in clinical pharmacy from University of Mosul in 2017. Her thesis was about the role of clinical pharmacist in lifestyle modification in patients with type 2 diabetic peripheral neuropathy. She worked as Director of the drug information unit in pharmacy department, training officer of the clinical pharmacists in Mosul, clinical pharmacist in Al Shyikhan teaching hospital, head of division in Al Shyikhan public sector, member in pharmacy unit and treatment. Also worked in Al-Khansaa Teaching Hospital, Ibn Sinaa Teaching Hospital, Al-Jomhory Teaching Hospital. She also worked in private sector in Al-Fateh private Pharmacy, Al-Iqhwan private pharmacy, Al-Karam private pharmacy and Medical House private pharmacy.

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