Lect. Dr.Ahmed Salem Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed Salem is a lecturer who joined Al-Noor University College / Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in July 2018 to teach Statistics / Biomechanics / Measurement and Evaluation / Football. He obtained PhD in Measurement and Evaluation from Mosul University under the supervision of Professor Durgham Jassim Al-Naimi. Immediately and after his PhD, he worked as a researcher with Dr. Neshat Bashir from the University of Mosul. he Joined Professor Durgham Jassim's group as a co-researcher. Dr. Ahmed Salem attended many conferences and seminars inside Iraq and published the results of his research in well-known journals. He is also interested in training physiology and sports training science. He played an important role at the time of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic by attending many lectures that were known about the pandemic, its causes and methods of treatment.

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