Asst. Lect.Asmaa Jamal Abdulwahed

Asmaa Jamal Al-Lela began teaching in the Department of Anesthesia Techniques at Al-Noor University College in 2019. She was given the task of teaching practical medical physiology to optical and pharmacy students, and later theoretical and practical applied physiology to anesthetic students. She obtained her master's degree in veterinary physiology from Mosul University in 2018, , where she studied the effects of zinc and cadmium on shock proteins 70, sex hormone, and cortisol in adult male rabbits under the supervision of professor Ashwaq Ahmed Hasan. At Al-Noor University College, She worked as a researcher with a group, and this research is still ongoing. She was a member of the social committee and the education guidance committee, as well as the physical education examination subcommittee.

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