Asst. Prof. Dr.Ismail Abdulwahhab Ismail

Dr. Ismail is an Assistant Professor at Al-Noor University College, he has joined the college in 2021. He was born in Mosul 1987.

In 2009 , he got B.A. in Translation from University of Mosul/ College of Arts /Department of Translation § In 2011 , he got his M.A. degree in Translation from University of Mosul/ College of Arts/ Department of Translation § His Ph.D. degree is in Linguistics and Translation , he got this degree in 2016 from University of Mosul/College of Arts / Department of Translation. § Dr. Ismail worked as a journalist and graphic designer in many Iraqi newspapers since 2003 , he also worked as a university teacher in the university of Zakho , University of Cihan –Erbil , and Al-Mamoon University College – Baghdad (A Teacher & Head of Translation Department ).He published(7) books (translated from English into Arabic) and authored (3) in Arabic poetry. He writes poetry and literary criticism . § He has published more than (10) academic papersin translation studies and linguistics (4H-index). § He has participated in many international scientific conferences in Iraq, Jordan , Algeria , Spain , Malaysia , United Kingdom and USA. Dr. Ismail is affiliated in : § The Iraqi Union of Writers § Iraqi Journalists Syndicate § Iraqi Federation of Translators He speaks Arabic , English , French , and Kurdish very fluently. He is now head of English language department at Al-Noor University College. § e-mail :- [email protected]

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