Asst. Lect.Amjed Najimelddin Abdullah

Assistant lecturer Amjad Najm Al-Din Abdullah, held a bachelor's certificate in veterinary medicine and surgery from Mosul University in 2014-2015 and master's certificate in veterinary drugs and toxins from Mosul University 2020-2021 .I joined at Al-Noor University as a lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy majoring in Pharmaceutical Technologies and the Department of Dentistry majoring in Pharmaceuticals, in many fields, including the director of the Lazord Pharmaceutical Company for 6 years and the director of the SCS Pharmaceutical Company for two years. He has a pharmacy in Dohuk (Roma Pharmacy) and two research papers published in reputable journals in the field of veterinary medicine at the master's level, and many participations and certificates in scientific conferences related to medicine and medicine

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