Asst. Prof. Dr.Basem Idris Thanoun

Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology, Basem Idris Thanoun Al-Kallo who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery in (1978) from the College of Medicine of Mosul, and a Master’s degree (1988) and a PhD (1999). He worked as a periodic resident physician in Mosul hospitals (1978-1979). He Performed military service as a physician (1980-1983) a rural physician in the Erbil Health Department (1983-1984) and demonstrator in the anatomy department, Mosul Medical College (1984-1989) assistant teacher (1989-1989) 1993) teacher (1993-2001) and during this period he worked as an external lecturer at the Higher Institute of Health in Mosul and the College of Physical Education. On 9/2001, he obtained the rank of Assistant Professor, and he was transferred to the Nineveh College of Medicine as head of the Anatomy, Pathology, and Biology Branch (3/2004-4/2016). The training course for radiology and sonar was passed (3/2009-2010/5) and the exam was passed in the Nineveh Health Department as a practicing doctor in Radiology and Sonar supported by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Higher Education was dispatched to a training course to Los Angeles / America, California School of Health Sciences in performing Evaluation, programming, diagnosing health educational problems and finding educational solutions for them ,he retired and worked as an assistant professor at Philadelphia University / College of Pharmacy - Amman / Jordan (4/2016-8/2018). He worked at the Department of Radiology and Sonar Techniques in Al-Noor University College . He became Head of the Department of Anesthesia Techniques in 6/2021 .

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